Animals Video

By Nelson Groom 

A team of real-life ‘soccer-roos’ interrupted an Australian children’s match in side-splitting scenes.

Priceless footage shows the mob of eight roos bounding onto the pitch in the picturesque coastal town of Woolgoolga, NSW, before they complete some genuine warmup laps.

Mother-of-two Alyssa Simpson, 38, said she warned her 9-year-old son that he would actually be facing the new cross-species contenders for his match on Thursday afternoon.

Hairdresser Alyssa said: “I told my son: “That’s who you’re playing against today’.”

“He told me he didn’t stand a chance! But really the kids were loving it.

“The (kangaroo) population around here is pretty big, but we co-exist pretty well. Off the field that is.”

Alyssa said the uninvited players stuck around for about 15 minutes before bouncing off the field to let the game kick-off.

A surge in kangaroo populations in the North Coast of NSW has seen the government launch a management plan to keep the numbers in check.

Often misunderstood for being mere cuddly critters, the sharp claws of kangaroos can inflict serious wounds on anyone who ventures too close.

Alyssa said: “I don’t find them to be a nuisance but obviously we have to keep a safe distance from them.

“We tell kids around here to never approach them and respect their space.”