By Daniel Bird

Friends got together to create a crowdfunding for a medical student whose plans to attend the biggest event of the year flatlined when a cancelled train meant he could not longer afford to get there.

Patrick Ashby, a 21-year-old Medic Student from Loughborough, faced an almighty dilemma when Northern Rail cancelled his train just two days before he was due to attend the most prestigious event in the Medics calendar last Friday night [Nov 2].

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Patrick, who is the president of The Songsmiths society, was left stranded when he could not afford the £100 to get a taxi as an alternative from Leeds to Ribblehead, in Yorkshire, but luckily his friends got together and did what they could to get the student at University of Leeds to the event.

Patrick said: “The medics party is the biggest social event of the year, people spend all year choosing what to wear as well as organising the event.

“There was no chance I could miss it.

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“My friend messaged me saying he was setting up a fundraiser to get me to the event.

“I couldn’t miss it because I’m the president of the Songsmiths group – a student society based on singing.

“He said if eighty people each donated £1, I’d be able to make the journey and attend both of the medics party in Leeds.

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A group of twenty friends set up the page in a desperate bid to get the money together for the 60 miles journey and Patrick was honoured by his friends heroic efforts to get him there.

The student in his fourth year of studying Medicine, was told on Wednesday [Oct 31] that the train journey would no longer be in service, giving him two days to find an alternative or raise the cash.

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He said: “I saw the amount rising over time and I was gobsmacked, I just didn’t expect it at all.

“My friend was sharing the link everywhere to get extra donations. He was even texting graduates who are now Doctors saying, ‘you have money now, donate’.

The fundraiser came to an end the night before when the grand total hit £80 as well as receiving £30 in cash from twenty people.

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“As soon as I reached the £100, I booked the cab! The driver didn’t believe where I was going and kept asking me if I was sure.

“He was amazed, he’d never seen a sheep before.

“I just feel incredibly lucky that my friends went to such lengths to make sure I was at both events.”