Life Video

By Randal Coombs

It was double the trouble for mum Ashley Deal, when her eight year old twin sons got into a fight over hotdogs.

The cheeky pair were determined to get two whole hotdogs each.

Yet as they divvied up the remainder for their sisters, the twins, Avi and AJ were at loggerheads when they realised one of their precious whole ones had been cut up.

Ashley said: “The boys didn’t want the steak and mash that I’d made for dinner.

“Their dad came home with the hot dogs and I agreed they could have two each as long as there was one each for their two sisters.

“I initially sent Avi upstairs for eating three, but then I asked them to each explain their side.

“AJ had to eat the four cut up pieces left and his one whole one left.”

In the video Avi can be heard angrily exclaiming, “I ain’t even eat mine with bread!” as AJ responds with, “That’s a whole hot dog wasted!”

For these boys, it seems hot dogs were in short supply.