Life Video

By James Somper

A war veteran white van man has created a touching tribute to his fallen comrades – using the dirt on the back of his van!

Christopher Curtis, 32, served his country for 11 years as a Sapper in the Royal Engineers and was part of the team that built Camp Bastion in Afghanistan.

Pic by Jacob King/Caters News

Now on civvy street, tradesman Christopher, from Oldham, Greater Manchester, always has his fallen comrades at the back of his mind and decided to pay tribute to them in an unconventional way.

The dirt sketch on the back of his work van shows the silhouette of a solider standing over a field of poppies with the words “Lest We Forget”.

A keen craftsman, Christopher said he had spent a few months studying van art and was keen to emulate his favourite designs.

The dad-of-three said: “I lost some friends while I was in the army and they’re always in the back of mind at this time of year.

Pic by Jacob King/Caters News

“I always like to remember them in my own way and thought this was nice tribute to them.

“I had seen van art of celebrities on Facebook and really had to clean my van. I looked on google for a inspiration and made a few.

“Once my van was dirty enough I decided to test the design out.

“It took about an hour in total.”

Pic by Jacob King/Caters News

Christopher said that his stencil allowed him to remember his fallen comrades in his own particular way.

He added: “Remembrance to me is not only a day to remember how much some men gave, but how lucky so many men have been but also how mentally scarred some are too.”