By Nelson Groom

A massively muscular 6ft roo has been caught on camera striking a pose for a photographer on a flower-laden outback Australian farm.

Justine Crowe was snapping the blooming flowers on a remote farm in Western Australia when she heard a rustle of warning and turned to face the massive red kangaroo.

Pic by Justine Crowe/Caters News

Justine, 50, admitted she got a fright when she spotted the brawny buck standing just five metres away but said his hunched over stance was non-threatening.

Justine said: “I felt got a rush of adrenaline when I turned and thought: ‘that’s the biggest roo I’ve ever seen’.”

“You could tell he was an old boy who had been through some fights, and he had huge claws, so it would have been terrifying if he came any closer.

Pic by Justine Crowe/Caters News

“But I wasn’t too scared because he wasn’t looking very menacing in his stance. It was just a surreal experience really.”

Justine said the standoff lasted about ten minutes before the roo took off, which came as a relief because she was out of reception and had not told her husband where she was.

The West Australian government advises people to keep a safe distance away from kangaroos in the wild.

Justine had some words of warning for anyone else who finds themselves in the same place.

Justine said: “If you run it makes it worse, I think it’s a matter of staying calm and standing your ground.

“It worked for me. I’m just glad he didn’t think I was a female roo!”