By Jamie Smith

A daredevil has risked his life on top of a 1,600 degree lava rock for an ultimate photo.

Stood on top of the rock in Komokuna, Hawaii, with continuous red lava flow, John Tarson posed for the cameras while topless.

PIC FROM Don Hurzeler/Caters News

The epic images illustrate how close John is to danger, as the red lava drips from the rock.

Photographer Don Hurzeler, who captured the incredible images, said: “One of the photos is a close up showing the heat shimmer from the 1,600 degree Fahrenheit lava glimmering across John’s upper body.

“The second shows exactly where he’s stood.

“John has more experience up close and personal with lava than about anyone you will ever meet.

PIC FROM Don Hurzeler/Caters News

“He guides people to see it.

“That said, it was a very hot and very precarious spot, even for John.”