Video Viral


A distraught boyfriend was caught on camera when his girlfriend revealed the moment she was going on a night out with a new outfit, wearing just lingerie.

Hanna Seradilla Miller, 20 from Edinburgh filmed the hilarious moment she showed her boyfriend, Nathan her new outfit she was planning on wearing for a nightout in Newcastle. 

The nightclub hostess can be seen revealing high street lingerie from a shopping bag saying “I’m wearing this underneath.

Which Nathan, clearly stunned by responds with, “you’re not wearing that to Newcastle. You wear that when it’s Valentine’s Day!”

Speaking about the video, Hanna said, “I like to wind him up a lot, but this was a one off where we recorded it.

“I came up with the idea because I was going on a night out to Newcastle and I had bought some new underwear. 

“I just thought of winding him up about it straight away. He was so amused that I managed to keep a straight face.

Although not amused at first, Hannah confirmed that Nathan eventually found the prank amusing.

“I found it hilarious and my friend who was filming it was in tears!”