Video Viral

By Kirstie Sutheran

 A motorist filmed the bizarre moment a hapless supermarket shopper got his car stuck between trolley safety barriers – destroying the vehicle.

 Matty Bestwick, 30, from Edinburgh, was driving through the car park of Aldi in Livingston, West Lothian, with eight-year-old son Ryan at 3.30pm on Tuesday [October 30] when the flabbergasted pair witnessed the strange scene. 

Matty’s unbelievable footage shows the driver’s crumpled red Toyota completely wedged between two metal safety poles, parallel to the road and the supermarket’s trolley drop-off areas.

 Engineer Matty was keen to point out he checked the male motorist was unharmed and only shaken before Ryan began filming the clip.

 Matty said: “I was shocked at how it could be even possible to get your car in that position.

“Everyone was just looking at each other in disbelief as they walked by one another.

“I think the man reversed the Toyota and the car somehow managed to bounce in to that position.

“I was with Ryan, my son, who was the one who recorded it as we were just getting our shopping.”