By Mike Jones

These captivating images show the stunning ice caves of Iceland.

Captured by Sigurður William Brynjarsson, 43, the photos were taken on the Vatnajokull glacier.

PIC BY Sigurur William Brynjarsson / CATERS NEWS

The stunning photos show the cave surrounded by light.

Sigurður said: “These ice caves are created by water that trickles down through the glacier and then drains out at it´s base and although the caves are flooded in the summer, in winter it freezes and the caves drain out.

PIC BY Sigurur William Brynjarsson / CATERS NEWS

“The ice at the base is called blue ice and due to the weight of the glacier having squeezed all oxygen out of the ice, it turns incredibly blue.

“Then when the daylight shines on the glacier, it lights up the roof of the caverns with this incredible blue colour.

PIC BY Sigurur William Brynjarsson / CATERS NEWS

“We came to the glacier as the first rays of the warm sun touched it, lighting up the caverns below and welcoming us inside.

“With the caves to ourselves, we headed inside for a photography feast of a lifetime, spending hours photographing the incredible contrasts of the fiery sunrise outside versus the cold blue interior.

“If every day was like this one I would be living in paradise.”