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By Jess Grieveson-Smith

A student midwife has transformed herself into a bikini model after being ‘insulted by an ex’ about her shape. 

Georgia Twiddy, 20, decided to get the ultimate revenge body back in 2016 after being offended by the comments about her derriere. 

PIC FROM Shane Watkins @Mythic Frames Photography/ Caters News

She claims she was told by her ex that her bum ‘didn’t look like other girls’ while pointing at another woman he preferred. 

Upset by the comments the unofficial relationship soon ended and Georgia decided to change her lifestyle. 

The student now trains in the gym five times per week to improve her physique and strength.

Two years later Georgia has become a pro-athlete and has since won the bikini division at Elite Physique’s championships last month.

Georgia now splits her time between commuting to university and working out in the gym to achieve her dream career and body. 

She added: “My ex kept saying this girl had an amazing bum and I didn’t compare to other women, so I thought, screw you, I’m gonna build a booty.

PIC FROM Caters News

“At first I’d go every day but now it’s a consistent five days a week.

“I had just started university at the time but as drinking alcohol didn’t interest me, I put all my efforts into going to the gym. 

“I was over the moon when I started to see changes. 

“I wasn’t originally going to do competitions but I followed people on Instagram, and that inspired me.

“To win at my second competition was amazing. I was completed honoured and honestly shocked to win. 

“I have since met my new partner, George Woodley, 25, and he’s amazing and is so supportive.”

PIC FROM Shane Watkins @Mythic Frames Photography/ Caters News

Georgia successfully juggles her midwifery placement and university as well as gym training. 

She added: “I avoided freshers week and focused on the gym and improving my appearance, I wasn’t happy. 

“People often have a perception of bodybuilding. I tell them and they say, really, you don’t look very big!

“They immediately think she-hulk. 

“Some people think entering competitions is really expensive but I went cheaply about everything, to doing my own hair and makeup buying the cheapest bikini and jewellery available. 

PIC FROM Caters News

“My coach has been amazing and literally my rock in this whole thing.”

Georgia hopes to continue through the second and third year of university and has been invited to the pro-athlete shows.

She added: “Some people might be shocked to know that during the day I’m delivering babies but it’s amazing that I’m able to do both. 

“My course peers are so supportive and even though I’m always so busy it’s definitely worth it.”