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By Jasmine Kazlauskas

A sneaky snake was discovered trying to hide underneath a car bonnet by entangling itself in the engine – and could have been lurking there for days. 

Snake catcher Tony Morrison, 40, from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, was called out to remove the 1.5 metre [4ft 9in] diamond python from a car on Tuesday [October 30] after the snake had wrapped itself tightly in the engine.  

PIC FROM Caters News

He believes the python snuck up through the bottom of the car after devouring a meal and found comfort in the darkness and warmth underneath the hood.

Tony – who has been a snake catcher for 20 years – added that if left undisturbed, the snake might have been lurking underneath the car hood for days. 

He said: “The man who called us said he had just gone to do some general under bonnet maintenance and got a huge surprise when he saw the snake.

“He did the right thing by calling us instead of trying to handle the situation alone.

 “He didn’t put up too much of a struggle. He did have a full belly of food, so he would have eaten something and then gone up inside the car to digest. 

PIC FROM Caters News

“It was just a good space for him to rest and relax after eating his meal.

“It was really just another normal day for us. I always love doing this kind of thing.

“I guess in Australia not only do you need to check where you walk, but now you need to check under your car hood as well.” 

Tony confirmed that the snake was healthy and later released to nearby bushland.

PIC FROM Caters News

 While non-venomous, diamond pythons can grow up to four metres in length.

Tony added that Australia is coming into ‘snake season’ as the weather heats up – and said lately he was getting called out ‘three or four times a day’ to remove snakes from houses, schools and workplaces.