Life Video

By Luke Kenton

This pensioner-only nightclub is battling loneliness among the elderly by encouraging OAPs to don glitzy gowns for tea party raves. 

Though the clinking of champagne glasses and thumping of music in a darkened room may sound like any other night out, Posh Club is a lunch-time raving refuge exclusively for the over-60s. 


With more than nine million people in the UK claiming to be always or often lonely, the charitable organization is attempting to assist the elderly,  who are the most common group among this statistic.

Blaring Rockabilly classics while providing finger sandwiches and an endless supply of tea, Posh Club events happen all over the country throughout the year and seek to encourage pensioners to be more active, sociable and to make new friends.

Founded in 2014 by Simon and Annie Casson – who came up with the concept after noticing after noticing how reclusive their mother had become after their dad passed away – the duo is hoping to eventually host a weekly residency in every town across the country. 


Described as “the only club event in the world where someone was rushed to the hospital because they forgot to take their drugs” by event producer Dickey Eaton, Posh Club has gone down a storm amongst its elderly patrons.   

51-year-old Simon said: “Posh Club is a place to dress-up and get down.

“They bleedin’ love it – they can’t get enough.

“After my dad passed away, my mum moved from London to the suburbs in her 80s, and there was nothing for her to do. 

“My sister decided to run a tea party for her and three of her mates, with cake, sandwiches and tea on proper crockery – they loved it. 


“I thought why don’t we combine that with cabaret, dancing and a big glamourous venue?

“Then, Posh Club was born. 

“Think ‘The Ritz’ but for ordinary, working class folk.

“It’s just  five pounds for entry, which includes the show, food and a glass of bubbly.


“The cheap price is all thanks to our incredible backers, but we rely on individual donations, too. 

“The primary focus of these events are to have fun, light-entertainment, friendship and solidarity. 

“At the moment, we’re currently in six locations but we want to be everywhere.” 

One party-goer, Jackie, who’s a regular at Posh Club’s Hastings events, said: “I love coming here for the dancing, the company and the amazing atmosphere. 

“It’s just so jolly, I’ve made lots of new friends here.

“It’s somewhere for us all to come in the day – it’s called Posh Club, but it’s like I nightclub. 

“We can dance our socks off here – we love it.”