Life Video

By Taniya Dutta

This is the moment an Indian biscuit trader was swarmed by a barrel of long-tail monkeys as he fed them 1,500 chapati breads. 

Swapnil Soni, 39, comes to meet his friends in a nearby jungle every week with a bag full of Indian breads. 


He then quietly sits under the shade of a tree and begins taking out the breads one by one as the long-tail monkeys, known locally as langurs, surround him completely. 

Some of the animals, who are revered as sacred in Hindu mythology, even climb onto Swapnil’s head and shoulders in a race to grab the bread first. 

Swapnil said: “I have been coming to feed these monkeys for last ten years. 

“They are like my family and I feel content after feeding them.”


Swapnil, who is from Ahmedabad in Gujarat in western Indian, buys the chapatis from a local bakery for a total of £48 every week. 

He then drives for 10 miles to reach the jungle behind a goddess temple where the monkeys live. 

While Swapnil has never counted the exact number of monkeys he feeds, he estimates at least 700 queue up patiently for food.


He said: “I started feeding these monkeys to stop them from wasting crops. 

‘These hungry animals roam here and there in search of food and usually end up trespassing into fields in villages.

“I come to Veldi temple once in a week and then go to feed these monkeys.

“They eagerly wait for me and feel happy when they see me approaching them.”