Offbeat Video

By Harriet Whitehead

A ghosthunter claims to have captured the spooky moment the spirit of a ‘mischievous’ young girl lifted his jacket up before touching him with ‘icy cold’ fingers.

Paranormal investigator Sean Reynolds captured the scary scene at the Kings Arms Hotel in Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire, which is allegedly haunted by a seven year old girl called Alice who died after falling down the stairs in the 1800s.


The pub, dating to 1640, is known for its paranormal activity with locals believing Alice moves through the building rearranging things like beer mats.

In the spine-chilling footage Sean, 35, can be seen talking to the camera challenging Alice to open a door when his jacket lifts up – seemingly on its own.

The dad-of-three can be heard saying ‘no way. I felt that’ and ‘something happened here like someone was trying to grab hold of my walkie talkie’.

Sean, from Liverpool, Merseyside, said: “During our investigation of the pub, strange noises could be heard downstairs in the bar area coming from upstairs, as if someone was running around.

“No one was upstairs and the building was empty.


“I’d placed multiple cameras around the area to ensure that if something happened, hopefully I would capture it on camera.

“While investigating the area, I could hear the sound of what I believed was a door opening and so I called out to whatever entity was with me to open or close a door again so that it may be captured on the cameras.

“What happened next I will never forget. Something appeared to open my jacket, reach inside and touch me and as it left my jacket can be seen closing on its own.

“I actually felt its icy cold fingers next to me when it reached inside to grab my walkie talkie and I believe that it was the child known as Alice.

“Perhaps she was keen to see what was clipped to my belt under my jacket and this is the moment that I managed to capture on camera.

“I will never forget this experience and the cold icy feel of this spirit’s fingers.”


Sean, who has his own paranormal TV show called Ghost Dimension, decided to investigate what he’d heard about the King’s Arms Hotel – which is a regular stopping place between Buxton and Manchester.

Sean said: “There have been many reports and incidents of paranormal activity here.

“An old man wearing a large hat has been witnessed by staff and visitors standing in this corner just staring into space followed by a feeling of sadness.

“Locals believe the young girl Alice moves throughout the building being somewhat mischievous.

“She’s believed to have fallen down the stairs and died at some point in the 1800s. She was only seven years old.

“She likes to arrange items such as beer mats into neat piles and move items behind the bar.

“When the hotel was fully functional guests would complain of wardrobe doors opening during the night and figures standing in the corner of the room and on a couple of occasions guests would report that someone was looming over them in bed.”