Offbeat Video

By Andrew Kao

A student had been caught chasing her peers across her college campus wearing a spooky outfit for Halloween. 

Makayla Martinez, 19, decided to dress up as a creature known as The Rake by wearing a grey skin suit.

The student decided to go on the spooky rampage on October 23. 

After spending around £30 ($40) on the outfit, Makayla says its the best money she’s ever spent after scaring dozens of people across York College Campus, Nebraska, United States.

Makayla said: “I had bought the costume after seeing it on twitter and just got with a few of my friends to go around scaring people. 

“Some people laughed uncontrollably and the people that were being scared thought it was a super creepy costume, after everyone asked who I was.  

“People were talking about it and who was behind it for days.”