Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

This creative project hopes to turd back time, as it celebrates the 10th anniversary of the beloved POOP EMOJI.

To mark the occasion, photographer Justin Poulsen put together a tribute video that saw poo emojis made in 50 different forms.

This included the likes of a poop-themed disco ball, candle, ice cube, table tennis bat, ice cream and necklace.

Justin, from Toronto, Canada, tied his anniversary piece to the date Google welcomed its very own pile of poo emoji to Gmail, on October 23, 2008. [Link:]

Pic by Justin Poulsen / Caters

In total, the entire project took the 29-year-old a month and a half to complete, and around 100 different variations of the poopemoji were considered by Justin and his creative team for the final cut.

The majority of the emojis were sculpted out of clay, Justin said, and having cast multiple copies, the director worked on decorating each individually, the disco ball taking a considerable amount of time.

Once the emojis had been created, it was then a case of filming them in action, with Justin averaging around four to five emoji shoots per day.

He said: “The response has been resounding.

“People love this emoji and seeing 50 lighthearted and handcrafted variations in rapid fire succession seems to have struck a chord.

Pic by Justin Poulsen / Caters

“Given the pace of the video, there are often variants that people miss on their first watch.

“Because of that there’s a re-watchability factor.”

In the late 1990s, a number of Japanese mobile operators each defined their own variations of emojis.

Then, in 2007, Google began working its own emojis – or emoticons – for Gmail, which later resulted in the poop emoji Justin was celebrating.

The project was a collaboration with the photographer’s friends at a creative agency, Rethink, and through the project, Justin hoped to show off a sense of humour.

Pic by Justin Poulsen / Caters

Since releasing the video, he said he has received a number of comments from people about emojis – poop or otherwise.

Justin added: “I have people coming up to me and telling me their favourite poop emoji, and also suggesting new ideas for more of them.

“It’s more of an interactive piece than I might have previously thought.”