Offbeat Video

By Katy Gill

This creative metal worker has found out a way to save money on the cost of a ring – by making the ring out of money itself.

In the step-by-step footage, Skyler Jenkins goes from drilling holes into two coins – one Canadian, one American – to the finished product itself.

Skyler, 37, has been making such beautiful creations full-time since 2012, and for this work he decided to use a Morgan silver dollar and an old Canadian large penny.

Like the metal market itself, Skyler’s coin rings vary in cost – priced at anywhere from $30 (23GBP) to $1600 (1250GBP).

The ideas for each design, Skyler said, often come from discussions amongst a coin ring community.

Skyler, from near Portland, Oregon, said: “The response from the products I sell and my videos has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Much more than I would have thought.

“The joy for people to be able to take a dusty old coin in a drawer that a grandparent gave them, and transform it into a ring with that special connection is hard to put into words.”

The main costs involved making such products, Skyler said, is usually the tools or even the coins themselves.

The craftsman’s products are available from his aptly-named website, Change You Can Wear.