Video Viral

By Randal Coombs

This is the bizarre moment a runaway reel of cables blocks a busy freeway.

Dennis Lewis was driving to his daughter’s soccer game through Houston, Texas, on October 25 when the traffic ahead of him started to slow down.

As the cars in front move to one side, a huge coil of black wires can be seen slowly rolling down one of the lanes towards his vehicle.

Fortunately, the rogue roadblock slows before coming to a standstill as it rolls up a slight incline, managing to not hit any cars in the process.

Dennis said: “I paused and couldn’t process what was going on.

“I started slowing down and was honking my horn for people to slow down.

“I’ve no idea what truck it fell off or how it happened but thank God it came to a stop.

“It looked like it was rolling for about two minutes.

“Nobody appeared to be hurt but a bit of debris hit some cars.”