By Taniya Dutta

An Indian man can finally enjoy a hearty meal three years after accidentally swallowing his dentures while eating lunch.

Deepak Nandi, 46, from New Barrackpore, Kolkata, in West Bengal, had been forced to eat through a tube after the false teeth damaged his oesophagus.

The shy stationary shop owner accidentally swallowed two dentures while eating his lunch three years ago.

Pic by Caters News

He kept the incident to himself for three months but soon his family suspected something was wrong when he refused to eat due to troubles in swallowing.

Nandi then underwent a surgery to remove the dentures but for the next two and a half years, he had to be fed through a tube because the dentures had impacted his oesophagus – causing fistula and rendering him of eating food.

This year, doctors in Radha Govinda Kar Medical College and Hospital conducted a series of tests before performing reconstructive surgeries on him.

The first surgery took place in June and lasted for six hours. Nandi later underwent two more surgeries of oesophagus dilation so the tube could be removed.

Dr Gaurab Chaudhuri, chief microvascular and reconstructive surgeon said: “We performed upper GI Endoscopy, barium swallow X-ray of oesophagus and explored the fistulous tract. We found a big defect over anterior wall of cervical oesophagus.”

Nandi, who is unmarried and lives with his elder brother and mother, is still coping from the extensive surgeries but his family is happy that he can eat properly now.

Narayan Chandra Nandi, Deepak’s elder brother, said: “In 2015, he came home saying he had some difficulty in his throat. He complained of pain in throat and refused to eat. He wouldn’t tell us what was wrong until we forced him to speak.

Pic by Caters News

“He later said that he had swallowed two teeth while eating food. He had two dentures on lower jaw and he accidentally swallowed them.

“I took him to ENT specialist immediately but after tests, the doctors said the dentures had stuck in a complicated position and recommended us to seek help from specialists in government hospitals.

“We sought help from doctors and soon he was operated on. But after the surgery, we learnt that the dentures had caused severe damage to his oesophagus and there were holes in some folds. This meant whatever he was eating was leaking from it. He could not even talk properly.

“As he tried to speak loudly, there would be an outpouring of saliva. He was so embarrassed of his condition that he stopped talking and going out. Even he closed his stationary shop.

“He was living a reclusive life.

Pic by Caters News – (Pictured: An X ray of Deepak Nandis esophagus.) – Deepak Nandi, 46, from New Barrackpore, Kolkata in West Bengal, had been feeding through a Ryles tube after the dentures damaged his esophagus

“But now, thanks to the doctors and the successful surgeries, my brother can orally intake food and is also back to his stationary shop.”