By Charlotte Nisbet

A savvy couple now earn £3,000 per month selling INSTAGRAM FILTERS to fund their travelling lifestyle.

Charlotte Bailey, 27, and her partner, Charlie White, 28, have travelled across the globe thanks to selling amazing filters that can be used to improve photos.

The pair, who have been earning a small fortune since January, have been travelling for three years and have no intention of stopping anytime soon.


The filters are available to purchase for £20 through the couples blog website which can be used on the Lightroom app that is free to download.

Charlotte and Charlie now have over £50k Instagram followers and believe it’s thanks to their perfected edited content that they’re able to provide such amazing images.

Charlotte, a former air hostess, from Leek, Staffordshire, said: “When we first quit our high flying jobs three years ago we never imagined we’d then start earning more money while travelling.


“We started selling to filters to enhance people’s social media photos at the start of this year, and because they’re so cheap, people have been snapping the packs of filters up.

“On average we make over £3,000 a month which enables us to travel and create more content for our followers.

“Initially we saved enough money to allow us to travel for one year, but now we’ve been away from home since 2015.

“Everybody wants that unique Instagram, we used to upload images and look at other feeds and photos and think ‘why does my shot not look like theirs.’.

“Lightroom filters contain more advanced settings than a normal filter.


“These settings are all saved within the filter and have changed the game when it comes to photo editing, its the best kept secret out there when it comes to achieving the perfect Instagram look!

“We have spent over a year developing our own filters and used locations around the world to achieve that perfect style.

“We didn’t want to release our filters until they were fine tuned and we were 100 percent happy with them, ensuring they delivered the best results whether you want turquoise, salt sparkling seas, deep forest jungle, food or fashion, portrait or city shots.”

The couple have been able to visit India, China, Bali, The Komodo Islands, Raja Ampat, Malaysia, Borneo, Japan, The Bahamas, The Maldives, Singapore, South Korea, The Philippines, Thailand, Papua New Guinea and Sri Lanka – something they know wouldn’t have been possible without selling photo filters.

Charlie said: “Most Instagrammers want to keep this is a secret and they sell their packs for hundreds of pounds and specifically target other Instagrammers who also have big followings.


“We wanted to make them available for everybody, even those with no editing experience and without a fancy camera as most people now like to shoot things everyday simply on their phone so that they can achieve that perfect Instagram look. The filters are downloaded straight onto your phone, and once the filter is applied in one click.”

They have no plans to return to the UK just yet and are currently training to become diving instructors.

Charlotte added: “We’re loving our lifestyle of travelling across the world and thanks to selling filters we don’t need to think about coming home to save money.

“The filters we are selling at the moment work for everyone, there’s ‘travel and lifestyle’ which includes eight individual filters whether you are snapping beautiful beaches, deep jungle, foodie or fashion shots.

“Sunsets and Skylines is designed to enrich pastel tones for sunrise and sunset shots as well as shooting city skylines, people or cafes and bars.

“The Master Collection contains both packs and 16 filters for a discount price of £35 and the Lightroom app is completely free to download.”

Charlotte and Charlie are now saving while travelling and hope their story will inspire others to try the filters or even travel the world themselves.

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