By Jack Williams

For this talented photographer life is not but a dream, butt-er-fly – as he spends his time snapping incredibly detailed close-ups of the insects’ wings.

Chris Perani is certainly not winging it with each of his vibrant works, as they are made up of around 2000 PHOTOGRAPHS EACH, all pieced together to make one each-opening work.


The 20-year-old photographer, from San Francisco, California, USA, began focusing his talents on butterfly wings around two years ago, having visited the California Academy of Sciences’ rainforest exhibit.

Since then, Chris has shot around 100 different butterflies in his unique style – bringing out their deep reds and luminous blues and purples, patterns and scales.

Chris’ technique is less macro photography and more microscopic photography.

He originally became interested in this medium by photographing entire bugs in the same way, with his final images of entire creatures comprising of some 20,000 microscopic shots each.

Chris said: “I have been experimenting with different representations of butterflies and after developing the extreme macro skills with beetles it was natural to switch over to butterflies.

“There’s a sweet spot between traditional macro photography and microscopic photography that is just starting to be explored with extreme macro.

“I think there are a lot of subjects in the natural world that can produce eye popping images at this scale.”