Video Viral

By Katy Gill

A Halloween fanatic has spent the past THREE YEARS Designing and building a 10-foot-tall version of the plant from the cult movie Little Shop of Horrors.

Raymond Kent, 48, built the automated and singing float to replicate Audrey II, the talking plant from the 1986 film.

The theater consultant and designer has put in around 250 hours of blood, sweat and tears into creating his masterpiece just in time for trick or treaters this year.

Costing him a whopping £2,300 ($3000) to build the former teacher is hoping to sell the creation on for £6,200 ($8000) down the line.

Raymond said: “Audrey II stands approximately 10 feet tall – however, has a pneumatic ram that raises her head up to about 13 feet and around four feet wide.

“I met my neighbor and fellow co-conspirator, Keith Stevens, when we moved into our house in October 2004.

“He approached me and asked if I liked Halloween – I, of course, answered with a resounding yes.

“Seeing as we had barely any furniture in the house at the time, I only put the carved pumpkins on my porch that year.

“Keith came down and teased me about it, so the next year I built a full-size haunted draft horse out of foam, pulling a wagon.

“It has escalated to the intricate and massive displays we have today along with several other neighbors setting up their yards.

“We really enjoy the camaraderie of bouncing ideas off each other and most importantly having great conversations with onlookers as we start setting up the beginning of October.

“The street has become quite the destination – we close the street off to car traffic for the trick or treaters.

“We love the memories we create for the kids and families that come by that enjoy it, as well as the memories the kids will have as they become adults and hopefully carry on the tradition.”

Raymond’s love for Halloween originated from growing up and designing his own haunted yard, which led to him becoming a scare actor at a now-defunct haunted house.