Animals Video

By Andrew Kao

Adorable footage has emerged of a lonely pooch who throws his toy over his garden wall in hope that passers-by will play with him.

After regularly walking past the house, John Berchtold, from Los Angeles, California, noticed Riley the golden retriever hanging over the wall.

Upon closer examination, he realised that the pooch was hanging over the wall to drop his toy daily so that anyone who walked past would have to play with him.

John said: “I live in the area, but this video was taken outside of my good friends Tom and Nicole Vail’s apartment complex. 

“It was early September, and we were gearing up for their wedding so I spent a lot of time around their place. 

“One morning, as I was waiting outside of their complex, I saw Riley from across the street and obviously freaked out because of how strikingly cute the sight was. 

“After filming the video and returning Riley’s ball back to him, I had to know more. 

“They explained to me that he does, in fact, hang over the wall every morning – clearly indicated by the placemat that the owner had laid over the wall for him – to enjoy everyone who walks past and the morning breeze and occasionally dropping the ball to get some much deserved attention. 

“I’m told that everyone in the neighbourhood knows Riley, and that he is THE friendly neighbourhood dog, owned by an equally well-like British woman.

“I’m excited to see him again and tell him that many people would love to play ball with him.”