Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe 

A family of grizzly bears has been filmed attempting to break into a hideout while photographers sit nervously inside – desperately trying to hold shut a door with a BROKEN LOCK. 

The nerve-wracking moment was filmed by Kari Mette Arntzen during a trip to Russia with her boyfriend, Stig. 

The pair, from Norway, were in the hide next door when the brown bears – a mother and her cubs – started to approach their friend’s cabin and get a little too close for comfort. 

She said: “After a few hours of photographing the bears at a good distance, Stig and I saw that the bear and her young children came to the neighbour’s hide where two of our friends sat.

“I took out my iPhone and filmed it from our hide. 

“We thought it was incredibly exciting to see, but the two who were inside the other hide were really afraid. 

“The lock on the door was broken, so they had to hold the door from inside, so the bears couldn’t get in. 

“A little later, the bears came and did exactly the same on our hide and it was not as fun. 

“I sat on the bench in the hide and tried to stay as far away from the door and the openings was possible. 

“It was crazy exciting while they were there. Almost a little too exciting.

“One of the little bears caught Stig’s lens and tried to pull it out. Stig grabbed it and pulled it in again. 

“When we have told the story to our friends, they could not believe we dared to be there. 

“They ask if we had bear spray or any kind of weapon but we didn’t.”