Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe 

This unique footage shows the moment a large moose caused a traffic jam while leisurely lolling through a town. 

Shina DuVall captured the footage while on her daily commute through Anchorage, Alaska. 

Filmed on October 12, the antlered animal can be seen strolling eastwards down Northern Lights Blvd. 

While moose in Anchorage can be quite rare so it isn’t very common for them to cause traffic. 

Shina said: “I have seen large moose all around Anchorage, including within the city, but this was a unique experience still as they rarely walk in traffic. 

“The video has been very popular online. 

“Most people seem excited about the opportunities we have here in Anchorage to see something like this during a normal daily commute.”