Animals Video

By David Aspinall

This athletic Australian shepherd is the perfect workout PAW-tner for her owner.

Energetic pooch Tesla loves joining in with mum Timi Kosztin as her and her friends perform routines including handstands or should that be pawstands.

Since Tesla was eight-weeks-old, Timi has been honing her skills culminating in some impressive movements like synchronised burpees.

Timi, from San Jose, California, said: “The last I counted, Tesla could do more than 100 tricks.

“This starts at anything from a high five or a rollup to anything like burpees or a handstand.

“I started training her to do a handstand when she was one and it took one week of daily training for her to master it.

“I started because she had no rear end awareness and it was really helpful to build up her leg coordination.”

Timi and Tesla went viral after a video of them performing burpees was uploaded to their Instagram page @teslatheminiaussie.

Timi used clicker training and positive reinforcement to master her skills, working daily for up to 30 minutes.

She said: “People asked me why I keep a treat in my hand during the video.

“The reason is to make sure Tesla’s head stays pointed down and she isn’t straining her back trying to look at me. 

“It’s always safety first when training.”