By Iain Watts and Jos Weale

A loved-up couple took their sense of adventure to the next level for a series of stunning wedding vow renewal photos – posed up on a GLACIER LAGOON.


Rob and Lyndi Benson braved sub-zero temperatures and car-sized chucks of ice to get the winter wonderland photographs of their dreams in the stunning isolated setting of Jökulsárlón, Iceland.

The videographer and photographer from Salt Lake City, Utah, headed out on a journey of a lifetime in March to renew their wedding vows while perched on icebergs and black sands.


And they claim the jaw-dropping pictures, taken by their friend and professional photographer Sean Carr, 31, embody a perfect trip.

Photographer Lyndi, 26, said: “It was great, there was snow everywhere.

“I was wearing snow boots under my dress, and I got ready in the campervan and did my make-up in the front seat. It was so exciting.


“We’d written our vows to say to each other just sat in the van the night before.

“I love the pictures of the two of us on the iceberg, but we definitely had moments where we thought it was a bit dangerous – it was so slippery.

“Rob was in dress shoes and he had to climb on this iceberg and we definitely thought we were going to rip something.

“But the trip went as well as it could ever have gone. We’ve always wanted to go to Iceland.”

After meeting at college seven years ago, Rob and Lyndi married after a year dating with a big family celebration.


But Lyndi claims they had always dreamed of celebrating their special day with just the two of them – and Iceland hit the mark for their taste for adventure.

And after they met Sean Carr, from Portland, Oregon, through a friend the travelling-loving pair say they knew they had found the perfect person to capture the moment – and the awesome Icelandic scenery.

Crammed in a campervan, the gang were blown away as they witnessed the Northern Lights before day five of their trip brought them to the deserted natural wonder of Jökulsárlón to say their vows.

Lyndi said: “We really wanted to find the northern lights. That was definitely my favourite part and the highlight of the entire experience.

“We were freaking out because it was so beautiful. It was life changing – the whole place is just magical.”


Sean said: “The highlight for me was the icebergs, and the northern lights were one of the most spectacular things I have ever seen.

“I really like the shots of them walking across the ice because you can really see the scale of all the ice in the background. There’s really nothing else there.

“I also loved the contrast between the ice and the black sand beaches.

“Lyndi and Rob are a great couple, so it was amazing to be a part of that shoot.”

But the idyllic scenery was not without its challenges and dangers for the travellers, with Sean recalling a very close shave just as Rob began to read his vows.


Sean said: “We did have a bit of a scary moment when Rob was reading out his vows and suddenly the tide changed and started bringing chunks of ice the size of cars towards us.

“So we found another spot on the iceberg.”

Despite the incredible scenery and camaraderie or the seven-day trip, Lyndi admits she did miss the home comforts of a hot shower, and was equally glad to return to civilisation.

Lyndi said: “I really remember the first time we got a hot shower.


“If we were to take another trip to Iceland I think we would do it in the summer, or we’d get an Airbnb instead.

“But it was worth every second, and we’re all great friends.

“We had so much fun. It was a great, personal experience.”