Animals Video

By David Aspinall

A massive hungry gator crunching down on an unfortunate turtle created a sickening sound.

Tim Thompson was travelling through the western Everglades when he stumbled upon the nine-foot-long predator in front of his vehicle.

Deciding it was safer in the driver’s seat, he started filming mere seconds before the gator took its first bite, filling the Florida air with a loud ‘crack’.

Taking another couple of huge bites creating similar sounds, the ravenous reptile swallows down the body in one big gulp.

Tim said: “It definitely was shocking.

“At the same time, it’s a good reminder to those who live around gators that although they look sedentary and seemingly motionless, they strike at lightning speed.

 “I know from having friends who are biologists, that gators’ jaws are some of the strongest pounds per square inch in the entire animal kingdom. 

Moments after stepping out of his car, Tim saw the alligator was coiled to pounce on its prey in the underbrush.

Tim said: “The gator was right in the centre of the road and I never like to disturb wildlife. 

“I stopped and waited for a bit. 

“After about 10 minutes I got out with my long stick and I was going to tap the road to encourage him out of the way.”