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An ice hockey mascot is a normal sight at a game, after the ice has been cleared – you expect the crowd to be hyped.

However, what you don’t expect to see is the mascot crashing to the barrier within inches of your face.

Brett Hilbrand, 29, from Michigan recalls the moment the Grand Rapids Griffins mascot was getting the crowd hyped ahead of their match with The Texas Starts at the Van Andel Arena on October 17th.

Speaking about the incident, Brett said, “The Zamboni had just finished cleaning the ice so I guess it was a little more slippery than they had expected.

“They came out a little too fast and ended up taking out the goal and hitting the boards.

Capturing the moment on film, the Furniture designer said “I later found out that the mascot on the back of the ATV, Griff, is a mutual friend.

“He told me that he had to kick the goal out of the way, so it didn’t hit the wall and break the glass!

He went on to say that Griff’s boss went silent over the radio for several minutes following the incident.