By Jamie Smith 

Forget purple rain, there’s a new weather phenomenon – PURPLE LIGHTNING! 

These stunning photos show a violet stream shooting out from the top of a cloud.

PIC BY Jeff Miles/ Caters News

The colourful flash stands out against the deep blue of a night sky behind, while the raging storm lights up the clouds below.

The phenomenon, called ionospheric lightning, occurs at much higher altitudes than normal lightening or storm clouds.

PIC BY Jeff Miles/ Caters News

Photographer Jeff Miles captured the rare phenomenon near the small town of Pilbara in Western Australia on March 28.

PIC BY Jeff Miles/ Caters News

He said: “This was a mind blowing experience to see with my eyes, never mind research the photos to find out just how rare they are.

“Gigantic jets have only been captured on camera a handful of times and this night I was lucky enough to see six jets.”