Life Video

By Andrew Kao 

A family of nature lovers on a mission to rescue wildlife saved butterfly trapped in a sticky situation. 

Gemma Nixon, from Thornaby, Stockton on Tees, saved the butterfly with the help of her two children Summer, six, and Tom, four, after they discovered the butterfly stuck together. 

Gemma and the children carefully cleaned the butterfly before releasing him back out into the garden. 

The mum-of-two said: “It took us about an hour to gently wash off the sticky residue from its wings with a cotton bud and paintbrush we gently cleaned it.

“In the beginning the wings were completely glued together. 

“We were worried we would remove the natural powdery coating as we cleaned it, but we had no choice. 

“We had to have a go, we couldn’t leave it helpless and stuck together.

“I cleaned it and my children took turns very carefully. It was a slow process but with each little step it became a little closer to becoming free again.”

Once cleaned, the butterfly fluttered about the families living room, climbing the curtains, before proceeding to landing on Gemma’s head and face, where it spent a few seconds sat upon her nose. 

The outdoor loving family like to rescue other wildlife such as bees and mice and grow there vegetables and flowers in a bid to save the environment. 

She said: “The kids were convinced it was saying Thank you.

“The whole process was intently watched by our Siamese cat, Kiki, who we had rescued last year from living rough. 

“We called him flutter wings and released the him into our garden where he was free. 

“So wonderful to have been able to help him.”