Offbeat Video

By Curtis Mitchell

Shocking footage has emerged showing an athlete who has taken to a CAR PARK to show off his parkour skills. 

Nicholas Ortiz, 25, of Denver, CO – used his local parking lot for a differnt reason than most would imagine. The athlete and coach used the parking lot as a climbing frame, as though he was a real-life Spiderman.

The 25-year-old who says he wasn’t nervous before letting go of the edge of the wall said “I do feel some fear when I’m feeling out everything and preparing. 

“It’s a pretty slow process.

“I’ve done a lot of similar descents, I spent a tonne of time figuring out the technique closer to ground level, then kept building toward bigger and scarier ones.

“I would say I’m used to the feeling generally, but each descent is slightly different so it’s still a little bit of a puzzle when I find a new one, typically I can test the technique on the bottom levels before going up high.

“They’re the exact same thing, they just require more concentration.

Surrounded by a group of friends who also get a thrill from such insane stunts, Nicholas said: “I just felt really happy about being able to stay calm in that situation and beat the mental challenge is almost meditative to me. 

“Most people think I’m chasing adrenaline, but it doesn’t feel that way.”