Video Viral

By Randal Coombs

An hilarious video shows one motorist’s epic fail after driving straight into a narrow bike lane and becoming wedged. 

Captured by John Amdor, who was riding his bike through Chicago, the video shows the car zooming along before becoming stuck where the lane narrows for bicycle users only. 

John said: “I was cycling eastbound on Washington in the protected bike lane. 

“As I stopped at a red light at Franklin, I heard a loud grinding noise behind me. 

“I turned and saw a car attempting to drive through the bike lane between the curb and concrete bus stop island. 

“It was partially on the curb but the side of the car was still scraping the bus stop.

“I took a picture and proceeded east when the light changed, then pulled over after arriving at my office. The driver continued to driver in the bike lane after crossing Franklin.

“It was scraping but managed to drive slowly through the bike lane past the bus stop.”

Although the driver was fine but that car was left worse for wear.