Amazing Video

By Curtis Mitchell

A man staged an hilarious video with his ‘wife’ as he base jumps from their apartment balcony to ‘fetch milk’ at 29 story’s high.

Stephen Shipman, 54, filmed the video as he buckles himself in a parachute and jumps from his balcony after a friend, who was happy to play the part of his wife in the video, tells Stephen they have run out of milk.

The live events lighting designer said: “I’ve done a lot of BASE jumping videos.

“Most of them are just to document an interesting jump but I’ve done a few like these where I’ve tried to give it some humour to make it more interesting.

“I’ve done 2500 skydives and over 600 BASE jumps, I’m still nervous every time I BASE jump.

“I was super excited. I got up an hour before sunrise to prepare.

“I needed just enough light for the cameras, but I didn’t want to be seen, so I jumped just before sunrise.

It cracks me up every time I watch it. For me the funniest part is the girl’s face, I love her “your my hero” smile at the end, like a cliche silent movie ending.”