Animals Video

By Jasmine Kazlauskas 

 Country police in Australia have been known to be called on to catch some predatory perps in the past, but these cops almost got more than they bargained for when they had to take part in a crocodile capture. 

Footage has emerged of Western Australian’s local Fitzroy Crossing force wrestling down a large 6ft 7in freshwater crocodile after it was discovered wandering the streets just metres away from children playing yesterday [WEDS]. 

While Fitzroy Crossing is notorious for crocodiles, Senior Sergeant Danial Strachan said it was the first time he had ever seen one roaming the streets, more than three kilometres from the nearest river.

Sergeant Strachan said: “We got a phone call in the morning from our local shire who told us there was a crocodile in an industrial area.

“I thought they were joking. I couldn’t believe it.

“But we went on down and there was this two-metre freshwater croc who had wandered up from the river, which was at least three or four kilometres away.

“It has been there overnight. He was really dehydrated and pretty cranky. He kept snapping at us.

“We called up a friend, who is actually an ex-police officer, who is known for his snake-handling abilities. We thought he could help us out.

“It was right next door to where children were playing too. They had no idea. 

“He managed to grab the crocodile. We didn’t have any rope, but we used a dog leash to secure his snout while we taped it.

“I was pretty frightened. It definitely had power behind it and those teeth were razor sharp.

“This was the first time it has ever happened, and hopefully the last. There are loads of crocodiles in the water, but I’ve never seen one in the town.”

His wish may not necessarily be granted as locals in the town of just 1,300 or so people warned that the crocodile could have simply have been looking for nesting sites, ahead of a potentially big wet season.

 He said: “The locals say the fact it wandered in so far might be a sign that we’re going to have a big wet season. Crocodiles like to get up high to make their nests.

 “We were really worried it wasn’t going to live after all it has been through, but after we lowered it into the water and it just began swimming off.

“It actually popped it’s head out of the water and looked back up at us. It was almost like it was saying ‘thanks’. We were all so caught up in that moment.

“Hopefully he goes on to live a long life but doesn’t make that massive walk up to the town again. If he does, fingers crossed I’ll have the day off.