Offbeat Video

By David Aspinall

An incredible athlete showed off his superhuman neck strength by playing two instruments while upside down while standing on his HEAD.

Amazing Aaron Hakala walks over to a chair in Aarau, Switzerland, with a harmonica in his mouth and a ukulele propped up against one of the legs.

Instead of sitting down normally, the acrobat puts his head on the seat and stands bolt upright with his legs spread.

Using his hands to play his ukulele, Aaron then starts playing his harmonica for more than a minute.

Aaron said: “The reaction to the video has been so positive, it makes all the hardwork worthwhile.

“Standing on your head for that long can be painful, uncomfortable and frustrating at first.

“Just like every craft or skill, when you’ve spent the right number of hours on it you start to find the patterns, techniques and slowly your body adapts. 

“You do not need talent to learn what you want, all you need is motivation, patience and your inner nerd.”

Aaron has been performing in circuses since 2010 and started training in headstands due to lower body injuries giving him time to learn other skills.

He has only been playing the ukulele and harmonica for two months and describes himself as an ‘absolute loser when it comes to those instruments’.