Offbeat Video

By Ben Walley

The daredevil acrobat was recorded in a breathtaking video climbing up a building- showing his incredible athletic skills. 

Nikita Deft, 21, a professional photographer and a professional athlete from a small town in the North of Russia called Murmansk

In Nikita’s hometown the frost is up to -40 degrees- the winter lasts most months of the year. 

His good friend  Climentina Armstrong filmed the video on the 14th of September. 

He said:

“I climbed into the skyscraper called Marina Pinnacle, the height is about 280 meters. 

“The temperature was very high, about 45 degrees- in such weather everything heats up very quickly. 

“Hands sweat and begin to slide- the plates on which I climbed up were very hot, I could not hold on to them for long and had to change quickly when I got up. 

“They were slippery and it was uncomfortable to hold on to them.

“There was a huge adrenaline rush, but at the same time I felt serene and calm. 

“After the tricks, I almost cannot stand, I need a rest but it is an incredible feeling and I adore it.

” I only check the footage the next day – my friend closed her eyes and did not look. 

“These were really strong experiences- I will continue to do this until I reach my peak. 

“I set myself a goal three years ago-  I’m not going to change their goals. 

“Create something new, something incredible and something that you can never buy. 

” It has the elements of parkour,acrobatics,extreme,art- all this is what makes me an original and unique personality.

“I started doing this 4 years ago when I accidentally hit on the roof of a ten floored building.

“It was very scary and exciting, I couldn’t look down and put his feet- gradually, I began to have the situation under control.

“Now I feel confident on any height- I have a very good physical training.

“Tricks at the height can be very tiring but there is also a huge release of adrenaline, you can barely stand on your feet.

“I love to do what for other people is considered  impossible- Money cannot buy this kind of feeling.

“There was a small injury was but  not associated with roofs.

 “The way I do it is by relaxing and controlling myself- I also have poor vision and wear contact lenses so that sometimes makes things harder. 

“I spend a lot of time training, almost every day.”