Amazing Video

By Jamie Smith 

A circus trainer has shown off his elephant’s incredible tricks – which he insists comes from having ‘perfect trust’ with the animal.

Rene Casselly from Budapest, Hungary, is a seventh generation show performer and animal trainer – and has proved it certainly is possible to teach an old elephant new tricks.

Pic by Rene Casselly/Caters News

Amazing video footage shows his elephant, Kimba, helping him dunk a basketball, flip into the air, juggle, climb a wall and even letting Rene stand on his tusks. 

But Rene insists Kimba is healthy, happy and well-looked after – kept in equal conditions to elephants in zoos – and are trained in the same way dogs would be, with positive reinforcement and treats.

Pic by Rene Casselly/Caters News

The 22-year-old said: “These videos show the trust animals and humans can have for each other. We can do amazing and unique stuff together as a team.

“Kimba recently helped me to dunk a ball into a basket – it was a dangerous stunt which can only work with perfect teamwork, trust and respect for each other.

Pic by Rene Casselly/Caters News

“I’m always trying to do things with my elephants that have not been seen before, just recently I taught my elephant to throw a ball into a basket from behind the three-point line. 

“Elephants are so much smarter then we think. My feeling about this is pretty good.”‘