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This spooky footage showing a tarantula ‘as big as a man’s hand’ scurrying out of an underground burrow is an arachnophobes worst nightmare.

While on a hike through the Amazon rainforest in the Tambopata region of Peru, David Jenkins was part of a group searching for exotic animals.

Stumbling upon a burrow on the forest floor, the hike leader warned them to watch their steps as he tried to coax a tarantula above ground.

After two unsuccessful attempts, the giant spider finally follows the twig bait out into the light leaving the surrounding group stunned.

David said: “I was so nervous filming as you didn’t know what would happen once the tarantula came out.

“It must have been as big as a grown man’s hand.

“Once it came out, it pretty much ran back inside it’s hole.

“Our guide told us tarantulas are really wary of humans.”