Animals Video

By Luke Kenton

This teenage pulled over in the middle of the road to save the life of a squirrel he accidentally clipped with his car. 

19-year-old Chris Felix was driving to work in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, when he felt a bump in the road. 

Pulling over to inspect the source of turbulence, Chris spotted a motionless squirrel at the roadside and soon realized he had accidentally struck the creature with the rear wheels of his car.

After the stunned squirrel ceased to move, Chris decided to put his CPR skills to the test by performing chest compressions on the ailing creature. 

Captured on chest-cam by Officers Halek and Week of the Brooklyn Park Police Department – who had pulled over to investigate the strange scene – the teenage mechanic can be seen pushing down with two fingers on the squirrel’s chest.

Believing all lives matter “no matter how small,” Chris attempted to resuscitate the small rodent for 20 minutes on September 25th, before it finally sprung to its feet and disappeared out of sight. 

Sharing a celebratory high-five with the Good Samaritan, the police department have credited Chris for his heartwarming act of human kindness. 

Deputy Chief Mark Bruley said: “We had to share it – just the humanity of it [all]. 

“It wasn’t just a police officer and a citizen there. 

“They were just three people really enjoying the moment.”