Animals Video

By Jack Williams

These shell-shocked golfers had to hang fire on ssssinking their putts, as a giant RATTLESNAKE began slithering across the green.

The large serpent impacted play as Logan Ungerer and his friends made their way around Mangrove Bay & Cypress Links Golf Course in St Petersburg, Florida, on Monday [October 8]. 

In the amazing moment was captured on camera by Logan, 28, who admitted the sight of the eastern diamondback rattlesnake – the largest rattlesnake species – left him both excited and terrified.

Initially, Logan and his playing partners drove to the 14th fairway, seeing what they thought to be a stick on the green. 

Having chipped up, though, Logan discovered the creature making its way across the back of the putting surface, increasing in size as it move.

The 28-year-old from Clearwater, Florida, said: “I guess part of me was excited yet part of me was also terrified. 

“In one of my videos it looks relatively small but when fully stretched out, it really is a massive creature and it was really cool to be able to witness that.

“I’ve played many courses and have stuck my hands into some pretty tall grasses or areas where one of these could have been and seeing this massive snake has really made me realize that maybe when I hit the ball out of play, it’s just gone.”