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By David Aspinall

This supermum performed an energetic kickboxing routine while in LABOUR with her fourth child.

Expectant mother Andrea Allen was captured throwing left and right punches and kicks while stood in the bedroom of her home in Queen Creek, Arizona.

PIC FROM @deliciouslyfitnhealthy/Caters News

When husband Paul stepped into the room on Wednesday October 3, he saw his wife dressed in a sports bra and hot pants cranking out the exercise.

Incredibly, the mum-of-four was 3cm dilated when the video was taken, giving birth to her daughter and fourth child Eastyn on October 4.

The personal trainer said: “I was already three days late so all of my followers were giving me ideas of how to induce labour.

PIC FROM @deliciouslyfitnhealthy/Caters News

“My contractions weren’t too bad at the time, so I decided to do some kickboxing.

“I’ve been a fitness instructor for 14 yeas now, so I am used to exercising every day.

“My family weren’t surprised as the day before I gave birth to our twins I was kickboxing too.”

Andrea has been a personal trainer for five years and has been running her online fitness program Deliciously Fit n Healthy for three years.

Her and Paul’s three other children are twin girls Ella and Olivia, both five, and two-year-old Camry.