Life Video

By Ben Walley 

A Moroccan man has been dubbed as Tarzan for his incredible parkour skills on tall trees. 

Khalid Tenni, 23, is a professional athlete and a parkour stunt performer from the capital city of Rabat. 

The adventure junkie has discovered a new way to challenge his fear. 

He climbs tall trees by vaulting onto the tall branches on quick successions- sans any safety gear. 

Khalid’s amusing antics has earned him a huge following on Youtube where he is constantly called the Tarzan of Morocco. 

Khalid says: “This is a new experience for me.

“I love to take risks because I like to challenge my fear.

“When I reach the top of the tree, I feel like a Tarzan.”

Khalid, who started performing the stunts at the age of 14, was inspired by none other than parkour expert David Belle for mastering his stunts. 

But says the idea of doing the stunts on trees hit him when he went to practice in the woods.  

Khalid said: “I was drawn to parkour stunts after I watched B13 by David Belle.

“I would normally practice on the roofs but one day I decided to go to the woods for training when I saw this very tall tree that looked like one from the Tarzan movie. 

“I thought of experiencing something knew and I quickly started climbing the tree. I really loved that feeling.”

Khalid now dreams of performing in films to inspire people of challenging their fears. 

“The reason I want to be an actor in the future is to show people how a human can challenge and overcome their fear,” he added.