Video Viral

By Charlotte Regen 

This is the hilarious moment a Texas man uses a leaf blower to clean the house instead of a vacuum cleaner. 

Jonathan Bailey hates cleaning the floors so he uses a leaf blower that takes him barely fifteen minutes to mint his house spanking new. 

The funny moment was recorded on a mobile phone by his wife of 14 years, Charla Bailey at their house in Port Neches this September. 

But the wife says she wasn’t surprised to see his antics. 

Charla said: “That’s just the way he is anyone that knows him was not too surprised. Yeah he blew it all out the front door. 

“He hates doing the floors because they take too long.  

“But he uses the leaf blowers because that takes only 10-15 mins for the whole house. 

 “It was funny and totally him.”