Life Video

By Joe Pagnelli

This veggie-loving schoolgirl was ‘devastated’ to find out McDonald’s had mistakenly given her fries in her Happy Meal instead of carrot sticks.

Little Penelope Millar opened her chicken nugget meal to an unhappy surprise when she discovered her favourite crunchy snack was nowhere to be seen.


In the video captured by Connie Millar, 27, she is seen nodding when asked if she’s angry McDonald’s got her order wrong by giving her fries instead of her beloved veg.

Unfortunately for Penelope, 4, it was already too late when she discovered the error as they arrived back at their home in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, at 5pm last Friday [OCT 5].

Full-time mum Connie said: “When we got home she was completely devasted that she didn’t have her carrot sticks.

“She realised the mistake when we were just pulling up into our house, but she was being naughty because we told her not to open the box until we got into the house.

“She looked at me and told me that McDonald’s got her order wrong and that she thought they should know.

“She is a very healthy little girl, which she doesn’t get from me.


“I can’t take any of the credit for that, she’s a very healthy little thing, she just loves her fruit and veg.

“She was angry and devastated but I’ve promised her that next time we go we will check the order before we leave and she’s quite happy with that, she’s not holding a grudge.

“She’s so reasonable and she’s got a very mature head on her shoulders.

“I was expecting a meltdown, but she’s been okay. What four-year-old doesn’t have a meltdown when they don’t get their way? But Penelope isn’t like that, she was very mature about it all.”

Mum-of-three Connie said: “She just loves vegetables, she’s a good girl. When she goes to McDonald’s she normally gets the carrot sticks.

“If she could have the choice between chips and vegetables she’ll always go for the vegetables but she did eventually eat the chips.


“She always asks me if I’ve had my five fruit and veg a day – one of my five fruit and veg a day are Terry’s Chocolate Orang. It says it contains real orange oil, so I just run with that.

“Her sister Isabella is the same, but I don’t know where they get it from. I’d love to say I’ve set the perfect example, but I really haven’t.

“They both lecture me all the time about how I should be eating healthy, so I’ll just hide when I eat my chocolate bars.

“Her favourite fruit are bananas. I can’t stop her from eating them so when she spots me eating something unhealthy I’ll ask her if she wants a banana, and she’ll never say no to that.

“I wish I could grow a banana tree because she costs me an absolute fortune in bananas, she easily eats three to four bananas a day.”


But health-conscious Penelope didn’t stay too mad at the mix-up, happily adding another figurine to her collection of more than 50 Happy Meal toys that she has at home.

Connie said: “I think she gets more excited over the toy than anything else, and she does love McDonald’s.

“She has too many toys, and I try to go around the house to hide them but she’s a hoarder.

“She collects everything – conkers, feathers, rocks – anything is a treasure when you’re four years old.”

McDonald’s have been contacted for comment.