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Taniya Dutta 

This is the hair-raising moment an Indonesian snake charmer is seen handling two giant King Cobras bare hands in front of a terrified crowd.

Roni Kurniawan, 27, from the Riau province was called to rescue the 13-foot-long highly venomous serpents from a nearby village.

The bare-chested man wearing a pair of jeans and slippers wrangled the beasts out of a wooden hole without any safety gear.

The snakes that can kill an elephant with a single bite were defanged to prevent a potentially fatal bite.

But Roni was bitten by one of the snakes after having its fangs taken out.

The daredevil, who fortunately survived the injury, likened the sharp nip to an ‘insect bite’.

In the video, Roni can be seen holding the scaly, slithering snakes around his neck with utmost serenity as people in the crowd gawk in awe.

At one point, he puts them down and caresses them gently before moving them to a cage.

The proud snake charmer said: “I caught these beasts from a wooden hole. One of the snakes had bit a man last month. I caught them with my bare hands, that is how I always rescue snakes. One bit me but it felt like an insect prick.”

Roni is the most popular man in his village nestled near the snake infested jungles. Since teenage, he has been earning a living from removing snakes from the homes of his terrified neighbours.