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Bilal Kuchay

A 20-year-old elephant trapped in mud was dramatically rescued by Indian forest officials after nearly five hours of struggle.

The animal was spotted by locals stuck with her wailing calf standing by her side, near a stream at Kunjurpathy forest region in Coimbatore in south India on Sunday morning.

It is believed the mother-son duo had come to drink water from the muddy slush before becoming stuck.

After villagers raised an alarm, a rescue team arrived with ropes for help but the calf and its mother tried to chase them away.

The officials then had to burst firecrackers to push them back and used a ramp and an earthmover machine to help the fatigued jumbo stand on her feet.

After fiver hours, the officials succeeded in bringing her on her feet and move her out of the mud. It was immediately given drugs and antibiotics, vitamin and energy boosters besides being fed fruits.

Mr Ramasubramanian. District Forest Officer said: “The animal was unable to up on its own. It was in a state of shock and tired. We used a ramp-like structure and an earthmover to help her stand on her feet.

“Luckily it did not have any external injuries. We gave her fifty bottles of saline and some anti-helmintic tablets, vitamin supplements, pain killers and green fodder.”

Video shows the moment the adorable calf stands by the elephant’s side throughout the rescue operation. After given a warm bath to improve her blood circulation, the mother and the calf was released in the jungle.