Video Viral

This shocking video shows the terrifying moment a drag racing car became engulfed in flames as it crosses the finish line of a race track in Illinois.

The footage, which was taken by Nathan Comerio shows the car exploding into flames suddenly after a leakage of fuel.

Nathan said: “Just about 200 feet from the finish line an unusual amount of raw fuel started too come from the car’s exhaust pipes. The drivers car became engulfed in flames crossing the finish line and winning the race.”

The fire even caused the carbon fibre shell of the vehicle to become blown away from the vehicle.

“The drivers carbon fibre body on the car was sent into the air about 25 or 30 feet and hit the TV monitor at the race tracks and then landing on top of an RV across the track from where I was standing.

“Thankfully the driver walked away and won the whole series.”