Video Viral

By Liam Geraghty

A plasterer nicknamed ‘The Nail’ for his metal-chomping exploits had a problem tooth removed with PLIERS in the pub after he couldn’t stand the agony any longer.

Dave Cannon, from Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear, was left in such pain that he pleaded with his builder pal Dave Watson, 44, to fetch pliers from his van to extract the tooth while they were both in the town’s Phoenix Tap pub.

And the pair even opted to livestream the graphic extraction on March 27 while surrounded by the pub’s regulars.

The gory video shows the pliers clamp on to Dave’s tooth before one huge pull dislodges it with a river of blood.

Delighted Dave, who necked a triple whiskey for Dutch courage just before the extraction, insisted that he was grateful to see the back of his painful pearly white.

He had previously earned the alias ‘The Nail’ among his pals after using his teeth to bend nails over the years.

Dave, 62, said: “I was in a lot of pain and I’d just stayed in a hotel in Scotland and I couldn’t eat my breakfast there.


“I couldn’t be bothered and I’d had enough of it – I just wanted it out so I asked Dave if he had any pliers in the van.

“He’s a big strong lad and I trusted him and thought ‘he knows what he’s doing’.

“It was done off the cuff and I’m so happy that it is out because I couldn’t chew anything.”

Before the delicate operation Dave plied himself with booze meaning he was unaware that his pals had captured the moment his tooth was yanked free.

But since seeing the footage he has become something of a local celebrity and admitted that he now gets recognised in the area.


Dave said: “I actually didn’t know that it was being filmed at the time because I had a few whiskeys and pints before it.

“But it’s all a good laugh and people have been recognising me after seeing it.

“I was in the shops a couple of days afterwards and a woman was staring at me and just said ‘you’re him, aren’t you?’.

“It’s happening everywhere I go.

“It’s just one of those things but I’m a plasterer so I don’t get a lot of pain but when I do I just want to be practical about it and get it fixed as soon as possible.”

Pal, and wannabe amateur dentist Dave, said: “I decided to film it and put it online and since then it’s gone mad and people have started sharing it.

“It was a good laugh but I’m not sure that the pub directors were too happy when they saw it.”