Video Viral

By Andrew Kao

This girl moved in with her boyfriend miles away from home and at some point felt homesick- so decided to fly back to surprise her parents.

Briana Swanson moved to Phoenix, Arizona in June to stay with her boyfriend’s family, leaving all her family back home in Iowa.

After a few incidents she missed her family terribly- so with the help of her brother and sister and some of her friends she planned a wonderful surprise- and got into her parent’s bedroom with them not having a clue, on the 24th of September.

Briana said: “Shortly after moving, my boyfriend was unexpectedly hospitalized for two weeks and had lung surgery for severe pneumonia- after he got home, I got sick and also hurt my knee. 

“I missed my family more than anything and it was hard being so far away from them- in August I found an email offering me cheap round-trip flight tickets. 

“I got hold of my sister and brother and set everything up so my parents had no idea that I was coming home.

“ My friends Jaiden and Holden picked me up from the airport in Omaha, my brother and my sister’s boyfriend picked me up at a gas station, I went to see a few old friends of mine, and then were on our way to my parent’s house which is an hour and a half from the airport.

“My brother went into my parent’s room, and I walked in behind him- my mom didn’t think it was really me at first.

“We hugged and then she asked how I could keep such a big secret from her and I have to say it was definitely not easy but so worth it”.